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Hooray! It's a podcast!

Proud not-actual parents Broderick Gordes and Damask Leary birthed their baby Hunting Seasons podcast in early 2017. Blessed with Brod’s eye for the machinations of filmmaking and Damask’s fascination with narrative themes, their spawn takes the best of each host and melds them into an entertaining deep-dive discussion on a new season of television each and every week.

Hunting Seasons arrives during a golden age of television. With every passing year television is becoming more complex, more cinematic in style and scope, more complicated and nuanced in narrative, and more…well, just more. With so many quality programs ‘binge-watching’ has become the way to consume TV. Whether it be braving the streets of Baltimore in The Wire or challenging the women of GLOW to a fight, Brod and Damask explore what it is to not only to experience the best television ever created, but also how the act of binging affects our experience as viewers.

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Broderick Gordes - Co-host @bgordes

A part-time, self-proclaimed film and TV enthusiast, Brod is armed with an incomplete eduction of stuff-with-moving-pictures-and-sound. This schooling has been put to good use on all his unfinished TV shows and web-series that he promises will eventually see the light of day. His misguided attempts to make stuff are fuelled by his love of rich, long-form storytelling, and excitement for TV’s ever-improving, film-rivalling production quality. If Brod brings anything to the Hunting Seasons (big ‘if’), its an awareness for the mechanics of storytelling, and a knowledge of the practical side of film and TV production, like how to hold a boom-pole and what to do if your phone rings during a take. Really useful stuff.


Damask Leary - Co-host @maskymoo

Damask boast a Bachelor in Creative Writing and has studied storytelling in many different forms. With her fascination of themes and nuanced character, she relishes the opportunity to discuss how a show can make you laugh, cry, or scream. She may spend a lot of time thinking and talking about how a story makes her feel, and argues that our emotional connection to a show is what makes it great. It’s her firm belief that writing is an act of empathy, and television is the most popular form of spreading emotional understanding. Watching great television allows you to connect with complex and diverse characters, and the stories we engage with help form our worldview. Can television save humanity? You might say no, but Damask says yes. And she is always right, so…

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