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Ep. 66 - Atlanta: Season 2

Damask is back and so are the boys and girls of ATLANTA. We rejoin the gang at the dawn of 'Robbin’ Season' with everyone right where we left them; Earn sleeping in a storage shed and 'Paperboi' Alfred smoking up on his couch. Season one was a unique, often strange but consistently hilarious feat of television, is there any way 'Robbin' Season' can match what came before?

Ep. 14 - Atlanta: Season 1

We are back and rising from the ashes of whatever that was last week. This episode Hunting Seasons travels back to the now to discuss the latest project from the unendingly talented Donald Glover. 'Atlanta' is an american TV series exploring the lives of Earn and 'Paper Boi', a pair of African-American cousins trying to make it big in the rap scene. With a setting and topics like these, Brod and Damask couldn't be less qualified to talk about it. Yet they have. Tune in to see just how many times they can manage to firmly plant their feet in their own mouths.