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Ep. 53 - Star Trek Discovery: Season 1 - Part 2

After a first half full of potential but lacking in character, Brod and Damask return to STAR TREK: DISCOVERY to find our nobel crew lost in a very strange place indeed. Part 2 of Season 1 asks all the big questions. Can the writers finally moved past this less than engaging Klingon War? Would a whole slew of fun new ideas be enough to give this show new life? Is it possible, with enough plot mechanics, to make Tyler a character we give half a damn about? And, most importantly, can packing a story full of big reveals and narrative twists compensate for a lack of character work? Beam aboard HUNTING SEASONS to discover the answers for yourself.

Ep. 47 - Star Trek Discovery: Season 1 - Part 1

After 12 long years Gene Roddenberry's bright vision of the future returns to television (well, streaming services, but isn't that just what TV is now?) with STAR TREK DISCOVERY. Set a decade before Kirk famously captained the Enterprise, DISCOVERY explores a Star Fleet, typically wardens of peace and prosperity in the galaxy, at war with the Klingons. Is this bold new version of TREK on course to rival those that came before, or should they have perhaps not gone where no one has gone before? BLACK ALERT: Brod and Damask have the answers on the other side of the jump!

Ep. 25 - American Gods: Season 1

It’s old gods vs new gods as Damask and Brod sink their teeth into the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's beloved book AMERICAN GODS. Our “protagonist” Shadow Moon is thrust into a world of gods, demigods and leprechauns as he helps his new boss recruit for the war to end all wars. Things get complicated when the Gods of old start attacking our beloved iPhones and dating apps. Will our hosts continue to worship at the altar of Facebook? Or will they go back to the days of their ancestors and start slitting some throats? (I think we all know these super nerds will never give up their computers.)

Ep. 04 - Dead Like Me: Season 2

Brod and Damask wade back into the murky waters of the 'Cancelled' category to watch the second and (thankfully) final season of Dead Like Me, the show about life after death that turned out to be dead on arrival. Join our hosts as they meticulously sift through the charred remains of this train wreck and perform an insightful autopsy to determine exactly what killed a show with such a promising premise. 

Ep. 02 - Dead Like Me: Season 1

In the first 'Cancelled' category episode of Hunting Seasons Brod and Damask blindly dive into a well regarded but shortlived cult "comedy". Showtime's Dead Like Me Season One, created by the prolific TV writer Bryan Fuller and starring Ellen Muth and Mandy Patinkin, follows the death and afterlife of Georgia 'George' Lass, an 18 year old college dropout who is killed by a falling toilet seat. Upon death George is recruited to be a grip reaper, an undead agent of the universe tasked with helping recently departed souls enter the afterlife.