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Ep. 04 - Dead Like Me: Season 2

Brod and Damask wade back into the murky waters of the 'Cancelled' category to watch the second and (thankfully) final season of Dead Like Me, the show about life after death that turned out to be dead on arrival. Join our hosts as they meticulously sift through the charred remains of this train wreck and perform an insightful autopsy to determine exactly what killed a show with such a promising premise. 

Ep. 02 - Dead Like Me: Season 1

In the first 'Cancelled' category episode of Hunting Seasons Brod and Damask blindly dive into a well regarded but shortlived cult "comedy". Showtime's Dead Like Me Season One, created by the prolific TV writer Bryan Fuller and starring Ellen Muth and Mandy Patinkin, follows the death and afterlife of Georgia 'George' Lass, an 18 year old college dropout who is killed by a falling toilet seat. Upon death George is recruited to be a grip reaper, an undead agent of the universe tasked with helping recently departed souls enter the afterlife.