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Ep. 71 - GLOW: Season 2

When the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling leapt onto the scene in 2017 Damask and Brod were down for the count! If that metaphor sounds like a negative, our apologies. What we meant to say is they were flawed, sucker-punched and knocked-out by the quality of this show! Still confusing? Ok. The point is, the first season of GLOW was good and now it's back for Round 2! By which we mean Season 2. Oh, you got that one? Cool.

Ep. 41 - GLOW: Season 1 (GUEST: Loren de Jong)

In a world of big hair, glitter bombs, and spandex join a group of ladies as they turn the world of wrestling on it's head. It's 1985 and opportunities for women to play interesting and diverse roles are practically non-existent. What's a gal to do but take a character masterclass and learn how to pile drive? This week Damask and special guest Loren de Jong explore this vibrant world and discuss everything from stereotypes to 80s sports movies.