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Ep. 57 - Jessica Jones: Season 2

This is it, make or break time. Brod and Damask have stuck with the Marvel/Netflix TV universe through thick and thin, but recent releases have pushed morale to an all time low. Can JESSICA JONES Season 2 deliver the same quality as season one and bring these super-powered serials out of the darkness and into our hosts' favour? Take a long deep breath of you ability enhancing asthma-pump and follow Hunting Seasons once more into the breach.

Ep. 34 - The Defenders: Season 1

At last, we've made it. Brod and Damask enter the promised land to witness the coming-together of Netflix's Marvel original series' into one super team-up show THE DEFENDERS. Will the combination of so many powered protagonists make for the greatest comic-book show of all time, or will this mini-series be less than the sum of it's many considerable parts?