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Ep. 26 - Please Like Me: Season 4 (GUEST: Liam Gordes from the Catching Up Podcast)

Here it is, our wrap up podcast on the ground-breaking Australian dramedy Please Like Me! The Gordes brothers return to discuss Season 4 and this time they are not alone! Damask, freshly returned from her trip to the land of the rising sun joins Brod and Liam to give her less enthusiastic take on the series. What is it that Damask finds so unappealing about the show? Does Please Like Me come to a satisfying conclusion? And why is Liam so mean to Brod on this episode? Listen and find out!

Ep. 20 - Please Like Me: Season 3 (GUEST: Liam Gordes from the Catching Up Podcast)

Whilst Damask is lost in translation, Liam remains by Brod's side for another week to discuss a little bit more Please Like Me. At the start of season 3 Josh and Arnold are kinda-sorta but not really together, Alan and Mei are on the rocks, Rose and Hannah are getting used to living together and Tom is still lonely and pathetic. What a hilarious set-up for a season of light hearted comedy. Too bad it's all ruined by the adorkable Ella played by Emily Barclay. Such a shame.

Actually, this season is pretty good. You should really watch it and then listen to this podcast.

Ep. 19 - Please Like Me: Season 2 (GUEST: Liam Gordes from the Catching Up Podcast)

Liam returns to fill in for a globe-trotting Damask as he and Brod put the second season of Please Like Me under the microscope. Approximately a year has past since Aunt Peg's funeral and things have definitely changed. Josh has moved back in with Tom and new housemate Patrick. Geoffrey is nowhere to be seen and, for that matter, neither is Claire. Instead, Niamh is somehow seeing Tom again and Alan and Mae have had a baby girl, Grace! Rose meanwhile is acting a little too chipper, with a puppy under her arm and a new bright-red hair-do. Surely that can't be a bad thing...can it?

Ep. 18 - Please Like Me: Season 1 (GUEST: Liam Gordes from the Catching Up Podcast)

When the Damask is away the Gordes mice will play. Brod's brother Liam jumps in while Ms Leary is on vacation to talk about one of their favourite shows in recent years, Australian dramedy 'PLEASE LIKE ME'. Created, written by and starring stand-up comic Josh Thomas, 'Please Like Me' centres around Josh, a twenty-something Melbournite, who has been dumped by his girlfriend for 'probably being gay' and is forced to move back in with his mother after she attempts to kill herself. Doesn't that just sound hilarious? The show stars Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, Caitlin Stasey and excellent every-mum Debra Lawrance. Why do the boys like this show so much? There's only one way to find out...

...By listening. By listening to the podcast. That's how you find out.