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Ep. 37 - Louie: Season 5

After weeks of MARVELous distractions (amoung other things), here is an episode we recorded weeks ago on the likely final season of LOUIE. Did the show go out with a bang, or should Louis C.K. have never returned after the momentous fourth season?

Also, stick around after the end of the normal podcast! Continue to listen past the outro music for a bonus discussion about texting in theatres, Wonder Woman, Joss Whedon (pre-infidelity controversy) and more!

Ep. 28 - Louie: Season 4

They did it! The finally did it! LOUIE Season 4 has goddamn continuity! Consequences! Development! People are introduced and return in future episodes!Things happen and then have repercussions later on! Brod and Damask's wildest dreams are coming true! Will they both absolutely love this season? The answer might surprise you...

Ep. 27 - Louie: Season 3

How long has it been? Too long, but finally we're back to talking LOUIE! After the first two seaons, how much has our hero changed? How far has he come? How much has he learned? Truthfully, not a lot, but that's not the point. This is a show of skits and one-offs, with no regard of continuity, consistency or growth...

Or so we thoughtominoustone.

Ep. 17 - Louie: Season 2

Damask is getting ready to fly away for a month, but not before we watch and discuss the second seasons of LOUIE. Looking a bit slicker and feeling a little more confident, Louis CK continues from where he left off, sharing new stories of a parenting, living in New York City and working his way through the stand-up comedy scene. Also, for the first time ever, we answer your listener questions! Want to have your questions asked on a future episode? Email your query to

Ep. 15 - Louie: Season 1

Though the shame of quitting Twin Peaks still hangs over us, Hunting Seasons presses-on to the next item on the 'Must Watch' list: LOUIE. Created, written, directed and starring prolific stand up comic Louis C.K., Louie is a series of semi-autobiographical short stories (almost skits) about the divorced middle-aged lead living in New York City and trying to make his comedy career work whilst also raising two daughters. Often hilarious, occasionally depressing and always clever, Louie makes it onto the Hunting Season's 'Must Watch' list as a modern classic, paving the way for other confronting and awkward comedies that seem to plague the TV landscape today. Can a show with such high praise live up to expectations? Listen and hind out!