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The Good Place: Season 2 (GUEST: Sean Kirkpatrick)

THE GOOD PLACE has changed forever but has it been for the better? Will this bold new take on the sitcom format yield favourable results, or will shaking up the formula blow-up in Michael Schur's face? Brod and Damask are joined once again by graphic designer and all-round great guy Sean Kirkpatrick to examine the data.

The Good Place: Season 1 (GUEST: Sean Kirkpatrick)

Listen up, nerds! Brod and Damask are taking the train to THE GOOD PLACE. And while they don’t have Janet around to help they were able to wrangle someone just as knowledgeable, Sean Kirkpatrick. Will this trio judge The Good Place worthy of its name? Or will they condemn it for all eternity to a life of eating spiders and watching college improv?

Freaks and Geeks: Season 1

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Not only were the characters of FREAKS AND GEEKS faced with this question, so too were the shows fans. After only 12 of the filmed 18 episodes were aired, the series was brutally cancelled. Nearly 20 years first broadcasting, many still consider it's axing to be one of the greatest injustices in television history. This week Brod and Damask enrol in the FREAKS AND GEEKS short course to deduce if this cult classic is truely worthy of the home-coming crown or if it deserved it's unceremonious expulsion.