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Orange Is The New Black: Season 6

Lock up your daughters, the girls from Litchfield Penitentiary are back...only something is different this time around. After steamrolling through the first 5 seasons last year, are Brod and Damask happy to be back behind bars, or has watching this show started to feel like a life sentence?

Orange Is The New Black: Season 5

IT'S HERE! In very un-Hunting Seasons like fashion, we have a podcast about a recently aired show in a relatively timely manner, Orange Is The New Black: Season 5! And aren't you lucky, it's a jumbo sized episode! Listen in as Brod and Damask deep-dive into a post-binge discussion of this highly anticipated season! As per the last season, things pick up right where we left off. The prisoners are rioting, Daya has a gun to C.O. Humphrey’s head and Taystee wants justice for Poussey. Did the season make the most of it's super potent set-up?

Orange Is The New Black: Season 4

SEASON 5 IS NEARLY HERE! But we can't eat that yummy treat until we finish our Season 4 dinner first. When last we left there had been a mass-inmate-escape and the newly free women headed straight to...a lake to take a bit of a dip. Meanwhile a bunch of new prisoners and COs from Max were being bussed into Litchfield and Alex stood face-to-face with a hitman hired to take her out. Will this season divide Damask and Brod like the last, or can 13 new eps get our hosts back on the same page? Also, if Sophia screams in the SHU and no one is around to hear her does she make a sound?

Orange Is The New Black: Season 3

With Vee out of the picture things seem to be returning to normal at Litchfield Penitentiary. Alex is back after Piper dobbed her in for breaking her parole and Caputo has stepped into Fig's old role to finally run the prison right, right? Oh, and Australia's own androgynous beauty Ruby Rose joins the cast. Does season three of Orange Is The New Black return to the heights of the first, or is the show still cursed with last seasons short comings? Join hosts Brod and Damask as they catch up on all of OITNB in time for the fast approaching fifth season!

Orange Is The New Black: Season 2

Damask is back and just in time! A brand new season of Orange Is The New Black is nearly here, and in an effort to be ready the Hunting Seasons hosts have some cramming to do! This week, OITNB Season 2. After her beat down on Pennsatucky, Piper has been enjoying some alone-time in the SHU until finally getting pulled out and shoved on a plane to...somewhere. Back at Lichfield someone new (yet also old) has moved (back) in as Lorraine Toussaint joins the cast as the outright villainous Mama Vee.

Orange Is The New Black: Season 1

Since Brod was allowed to gush about Avatar for 3 episodes, it's only fair that Damask get to chose the first show from our 'Recommend' category. In doing so, she has treated Brod to one of her favourite shows (which he has tragically not watched before), the Netflix original series ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. Based on the memoirs of a true-life ex-inmate, ORANGE begins as Piper Chapman enters into Litchfield Penitentiary, a minimum security womens prison, where she will serve out a 15 month sentence for helping her former lover smuggle drugs and money. Centred around a diverse ensemble of female characters, OITNB is a landmark television show deserving of exhaustive discussion. Talking lots never seems to be a problem for our hosts, but will Brod love it the same way Damask does?