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Ep. 40 - Rick and Morty: Season 3

Faster than you can say 'Mcdonald's Mulan szechuan nugget dipping sauce' Hunting Seasons is ready to talk all about the just barely concluded third season of RICK AND MORTY. Arriving an endless epoch after season 2 aired, was season 3 able to live up to the lofty expectations cultivated from extended anticipation, or did the creators shit the bed like a Rick after an all night bender? Brod and Damask have the answers...and more!

Ep. 39 - Rick and Morty: Season 2

Take another ride with Damask and Brod into the infinitely insane dimensions of RICK AND MORTY SEASON 2. After an utterly brain-bending, totally hilarious and occasionally heart-wrenching first season, is the return trip equally schwifty, or is this excursion the Jerry of the bunch? The answer is just one portal jump away.

Ep. 38 - Rick and Morty: Season 1

What up, my glip glops??? We ready to go on some wacky interdimensional travels? Season 1 of RICK AND MORTY explores infinite realities that ultimately leads our hosts to one conclusion..."Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV." So watch Rick and Morty, listen to our hosts discuss it, and realise that your existence is meaningless and insignificant. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!