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Ep. 73 - BoJack Horseman: Season 1 & 2

This week Brod and Damask give you a double dose of Hunting Seasons goodness, reviewing not just one, but two seasons of Netflix's animated dark-comedy BoJack Horse, A.K.A. the most elaborate 'why the long face?' joke ever. Is this tale of an ex-sitcom star anthropomorphic horse as charming as it sounds, or has it left our hosts as miserable as the show's namesake? Listen and learn!

Ep. 72 - The Handmaid's Tale: Season 2

With our current political landscape as ugly and volatile as it is, Hunting Seasons welcomes this chance to return to the peaceful nation of Gilead, where nothing bad ever happens and everyone is always happy. Is THE HANDMAID'S TALE Season Two just as joyful as the first, who has this new season found a higher level of splendour hereto unseen by mortals? Joining Damask and Brod on this vacation to paradise is friend of the show Loren De Jong.

Ep. 71 - GLOW: Season 2

When the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling leapt onto the scene in 2017 Damask and Brod were down for the count! If that metaphor sounds like a negative, our apologies. What we meant to say is they were flawed, sucker-punched and knocked-out by the quality of this show! Still confusing? Ok. The point is, the first season of GLOW was good and now it's back for Round 2! By which we mean Season 2. Oh, you got that one? Cool.

Ep. 70 - Westworld: Season 2

Is this now? Is this then? Are you me? Are you you? Where is there? Is there when? WHAT IS HAPPENING??? In season 2 of HBO's WESTWORLD we try to decipher what on Earth is going on. Will season 2 be as mind-blowing as season 1? Or will it make us want to blow our brains out? Listen on and have all your questions answered...or not.

Ep. 66 - Atlanta: Season 2

Damask is back and so are the boys and girls of ATLANTA. We rejoin the gang at the dawn of 'Robbin’ Season' with everyone right where we left them; Earn sleeping in a storage shed and 'Paperboi' Alfred smoking up on his couch. Season one was a unique, often strange but consistently hilarious feat of television, is there any way 'Robbin' Season' can match what came before?

Ep. 57 - Jessica Jones: Season 2

This is it, make or break time. Brod and Damask have stuck with the Marvel/Netflix TV universe through thick and thin, but recent releases have pushed morale to an all time low. Can JESSICA JONES Season 2 deliver the same quality as season one and bring these super-powered serials out of the darkness and into our hosts' favour? Take a long deep breath of you ability enhancing asthma-pump and follow Hunting Seasons once more into the breach.

Ep. 54 - The Wire: Season 2

It's time to get the band back together! After putting away some drug dealers, Baltimore's best boys on the beat head to the docks to sniff out some good-ol' blue collar crime. The expert policin' is as engrossing as ever (especially if you're a fan of Windows XP era cargo tracking programs), but can this new nest of wharf workin' do-badder's compare to last season's loveable lot from the projects? Take a listen to Damask and Brod's full case report on everything good, the bad, and Ziggy.

Ep. 46 - Master of None: Season 2

18 months after serving up it's first season on Netflix, The AFI, Peabody and Emmy award winning MASTER OF NONE returns with a freshly cooked batch of amusing observations, awkward dating anecdotes and envy inducing location shoots. Aziz Ansari once again stars as Dev Shah, a man on a mission to overcome heartache, find new love and learn how to make pasta! Did Damask and Brod find this latest course to be as satisfying as the first? Allora, you'll just have to listen to find out!

Ep. 44 - Stranger Things: Season 2

In an effort to bring you the very best STRANGER THINGS 2 content Brod and Damask did a little digging. Like, literal digging. Into a tunnel. And there were vines. And the vines attacked them and they couldn't leave. It was a whole thing and now the episode is late. They are very sorry, and to make up for it they've made this a super long episode. Yay for even more free podcast than usual!

Picking up nearly a year after returning the incident with the faceless bear thingy, Will is still dealing with the aftermath of his trauma. Doctors say it's PTSD but Joyce thinks it might be more. Meanwhile the boys are fighting over a girl, Steve is a delight and Hopper is Eleven's new Papa! Also Nancy and Jonathan do some stuff I guess. Was Season 2 able recreate the magic of it's predecessor, or did is fall victim to the sophomore season slump? These answers and more await on the other side...