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Ep. 76 - BoJack Horseman: Seasons 4

n the latest season of BOJACK HORSEMAN, Princess Carolyn is trying to balance her relationship and career, Diane is finding her feet working for a feminist blog, Mr Peanutbutter is vying for Governor of California, Todd is Todd and BoJack is…wait, where is BoJack? Fear not, as Damask and Brod are on the case! Will this be the triumphant return to form, or should Mr Horseman have stayed in hiding?

Ep. 58 - The Wire: Season 4

In the tradition of The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, and High School Musical, season 4 of THE WIRE looks at the lives of teenagers. And if you thought the political and legal systems in Baltimore were bad, just wait until you see the education system. Nothing says fun quite like a show focusing on the degradation and devastation of whole generations. Come join the discussion!

Ep. 28 - Louie: Season 4

They did it! The finally did it! LOUIE Season 4 has goddamn continuity! Consequences! Development! People are introduced and return in future episodes!Things happen and then have repercussions later on! Brod and Damask's wildest dreams are coming true! Will they both absolutely love this season? The answer might surprise you...

Ep. 26 - Please Like Me: Season 4 (GUEST: Liam Gordes from the Catching Up Podcast)

Here it is, our wrap up podcast on the ground-breaking Australian dramedy Please Like Me! The Gordes brothers return to discuss Season 4 and this time they are not alone! Damask, freshly returned from her trip to the land of the rising sun joins Brod and Liam to give her less enthusiastic take on the series. What is it that Damask finds so unappealing about the show? Does Please Like Me come to a satisfying conclusion? And why is Liam so mean to Brod on this episode? Listen and find out!

Ep. 23 - Orange Is The New Black: Season 4

SEASON 5 IS NEARLY HERE! But we can't eat that yummy treat until we finish our Season 4 dinner first. When last we left there had been a mass-inmate-escape and the newly free women headed straight to...a lake to take a bit of a dip. Meanwhile a bunch of new prisoners and COs from Max were being bussed into Litchfield and Alex stood face-to-face with a hitman hired to take her out. Will this season divide Damask and Brod like the last, or can 13 new eps get our hosts back on the same page? Also, if Sophia screams in the SHU and no one is around to hear her does she make a sound?

Ep. 07 - Breaking Bad: Season 4

Brod and Damask are officially past the half-way mark of Breaking Bad! Jessie and Walt have done the unthinkable to buy themselves some time, but they need a long-term plan if they are to survive the drug lord Gus Fring. Season 3 provided fantastic storytelling and a tantalising cliffhanger, but was the fourth season able to take full advantage of this momentum and satisfy our hosts ravenous hunger for compelling narrative and execution? Listen now to find out!