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Ep. 60 - The Wire: Season 5

After five long seasons we've finally reached the end of THE WIRE. Damask and Brod head back to the streets of Baltimore for one more lap…or, they would if the police department had any money to fix their busted cars. Yes, this final season introduces the big bad guy that will bring down all of law-enforcement and print media in one fell swoop: budget cuts. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!

Ep. 37 - Louie: Season 5

After weeks of MARVELous distractions (amoung other things), here is an episode we recorded weeks ago on the likely final season of LOUIE. Did the show go out with a bang, or should Louis C.K. have never returned after the momentous fourth season?

Also, stick around after the end of the normal podcast! Continue to listen past the outro music for a bonus discussion about texting in theatres, Wonder Woman, Joss Whedon (pre-infidelity controversy) and more!

Ep. 24 - Orange Is The New Black: Season 5

IT'S HERE! In very un-Hunting Seasons like fashion, we have a podcast about a recently aired show in a relatively timely manner, Orange Is The New Black: Season 5! And aren't you lucky, it's a jumbo sized episode! Listen in as Brod and Damask deep-dive into a post-binge discussion of this highly anticipated season! As per the last season, things pick up right where we left off. The prisoners are rioting, Daya has a gun to C.O. Humphrey’s head and Taystee wants justice for Poussey. Did the season make the most of it's super potent set-up?

Ep. 11 - Breaking Bad Season 5: Part 2 (GUEST: Liam Gordes from the Catching Up Podcast)

Defying all odds, Brod and Damask have made it through the complete series of Breaking Bad. Joining them for this momentous podcast is Brod's little brother Liam, who is pretty much the main reason they decided to watch and discuss this show first. With only 8 episodes left can Breaking Bad stick the landing and end on a high, or have the writers jazz-written themselves into a corner with no satisfying escape? And finally, is Breaking Bad really worthy of it's place amongst the greatest shows ever made?

Ep. 09 - Breaking Bad: Season 5 - Part 1

Lets just be upfront about it, Damask and Brod did not like the ending of Breaking Bad Season 4. With one season (slash two half seasons) to go, can Vince Gilligan and his writers get our hosts back on board before the impending finale? With Gus Fring out of the picture, a power vacuum has been left in his wake, and Walter White thinks he is just the one to fill it. He can't do it alone, but after all the chaos of recent times, will Jessie and Mike play their part in building the Heisenberg meth empire?