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Ep. 44 - Stranger Things: Season 2

In an effort to bring you the very best STRANGER THINGS 2 content Brod and Damask did a little digging. Like, literal digging. Into a tunnel. And there were vines. And the vines attacked them and they couldn't leave. It was a whole thing and now the episode is late. They are very sorry, and to make up for it they've made this a super long episode. Yay for even more free podcast than usual!

Picking up nearly a year after returning the incident with the faceless bear thingy, Will is still dealing with the aftermath of his trauma. Doctors say it's PTSD but Joyce thinks it might be more. Meanwhile the boys are fighting over a girl, Steve is a delight and Hopper is Eleven's new Papa! Also Nancy and Jonathan do some stuff I guess. Was Season 2 able recreate the magic of it's predecessor, or did is fall victim to the sophomore season slump? These answers and more await on the other side...

Ep. 43 - Stranger Things: Season 1

In preparation for the impending release of the next chapter, Damask and Brod have ventured into The Upside-Down to bring you their review of Netflix's original sci-fi/horror series STRANGER THINGS Season 1. Using an intricate system of party-lights your hosts take a deep dive into what made this show an instant hit, how 80s nostalgia works for those who have no memory of the era, and try to calculate just how wide Winona Ryder's eyes are capable of opening. Seriously though, Joyce Byers is the best goddamn mum in this world, the shadow realm and every dimension in-between. Just the best.