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Ep. 60 - The Wire: Season 5

After five long seasons we've finally reached the end of THE WIRE. Damask and Brod head back to the streets of Baltimore for one more lap…or, they would if the police department had any money to fix their busted cars. Yes, this final season introduces the big bad guy that will bring down all of law-enforcement and print media in one fell swoop: budget cuts. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!

Ep. 58 - The Wire: Season 4

In the tradition of The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, and High School Musical, season 4 of THE WIRE looks at the lives of teenagers. And if you thought the political and legal systems in Baltimore were bad, just wait until you see the education system. Nothing says fun quite like a show focusing on the degradation and devastation of whole generations. Come join the discussion!

Ep. 56 - The Wire: Season 3

We’re no longer sitting on the dock of the bay in season 3 of The Wire, instead we’re back chasing after the elusive Stringer Bell and the Barksdale Crew. Can McNulty get his man or will he spend his whole life chasing his tail? Can Major Colvin make real change or will the world of politics destroy his hard work? And most importantly, will we get to perv on Lieutenant Daniels’ beautiful body? Seriously, that guy is RIPPED. 

Ep. 54 - The Wire: Season 2

It's time to get the band back together! After putting away some drug dealers, Baltimore's best boys on the beat head to the docks to sniff out some good-ol' blue collar crime. The expert policin' is as engrossing as ever (especially if you're a fan of Windows XP era cargo tracking programs), but can this new nest of wharf workin' do-badder's compare to last season's loveable lot from the projects? Take a listen to Damask and Brod's full case report on everything good, the bad, and Ziggy.

Ep. 51 - The Wire: Season 1

After an extended Australian summer break, Brod and Damask return to tackle one of the greatest TV show of all time. With the body count in Baltimore rising the Bad News Bears of police task-forces, rule-breaking hero McNulty, the fiercely loyal Greggs, their stoic lieutenant Daniels, and everyone’s favourite Freamon, pursue the Barksdale gang and leader, Avon. D’Angelo's words, “It ain’t about right, it’s about money,” rings true for everybody, no matter which side of The Game they’re on. Whether it be Wallace struggling to deal with the violent realities of gang life, or Lieutenant Daniels having to compromise his ideals for the good of the department, everyone’s just trying to survive.