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Ep. 70 - Westworld: Season 2

Is this now? Is this then? Are you me? Are you you? Where is there? Is there when? WHAT IS HAPPENING??? In season 2 of HBO's WESTWORLD we try to decipher what on Earth is going on. Will season 2 be as mind-blowing as season 1? Or will it make us want to blow our brains out? Listen on and have all your questions answered...or not.

Ep. 12 - Westworld: Season 1

Hunting Seasons isn't just about old shows! It's about the new, shiny hotness too!This week Damask and Brod take on the first show in their 'Currently Airing' category, the reasonably new (ie: started last year) hit HBO show Westworld! Set in a futuristic wild west theme park full of alcohol, violence, adventure and a whole lot of mechrophilia, Westoworld tells the story of...actually, lets not say too much. If you don't know already you might actually be in the best position to experience this show. But can a show that is all about it's mysteries survive past it's reveals, or is it good enough that even those cursed with spoilers will still enjoy it?